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What is
Pudgy penguins?

Pudgy Penguins is a brand that produces content, merch, toys, experiences, and digital collectables. Pudgy Penguins harbors good vibes, inspires connection, and provides the means for anyone to access and amplify their inner penguin.

Anyone can be a part of The Huddle by embracing the goodness and positive spirit embodied by the Pudgy Penguins. It can be cold out there, but it is always warm in The Huddle. So, squeeze in!

What is
Pudgy World?

Pudgy World is the online digital experience where you can make your Forever Friend, play games, meet new friends, and explore uncharted waters!

Every Pudgy Penguins toy gives you a ticket to the Pudgy World. By scanning the tag on your toy, you can unlock endless fun! You will be able to customize your very own Forever Friend to bring on adventures, and you can win fish to get cool new hats, clothes, and more!

the world
The world is yours to explore! There’s plenty of fish, laughter, and memories to be had here!
new friends,
new family
Pudgy World is all about genuine and safe friendships! You can find new friends to play games with or you can login with your already Pudgy friends to explore, play, and experience!
your penguin,
Each Pudgy Penguin you adopt from the stores is one Pudgy Penguin you can customize and play with online. It’s yours, forever. They’ll be right by your side from car rides to right here in the Pudgy World.
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